Spectacle Lake loop ride

Darryl decided he had to do a 600km day on his BMW RTP1100, so he invited Willie and I along to share in the pain:

Darryl Off to Barry's Bay Sunday morning on a 600km bike loop. Have the ipod loaded with some AC/DC. Should be worth a speeding ticket or two......

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    • Ron You'll never get a speeding ticket if you stay behind the KLR, although if you see any MNR or MTO vehicles, we've never met and you don't know me.
    • Darryl You can be my "smoke screen" okay Ron? I'm due for good ticket. I have an itchy thottle hand. I have the cop bike, now I just need a frickin uniform ! Wardrobe?
    • Darryl I think we have to stop by Jmac's and grab the radar detector!

      Willie  Not sure if you'll get 600 hundred kilometres out of my ass today.
    • Darryl  love the animal kingdom. The slowest and weakest are the first to get eaten !
    • Darryl so much for getting 600kms out of Willie. I think he did about 650?
    • Willie ‎648 to be exact
    • Darryl and no speeding tickets. One REALLY close call however....My license is exhausted
    • Willie Very close .... Glad you were leading

    • Ron  I thought I was going to win, 635.31 kms! Great ride guys!
    • Darryl you would have won Ron had you kept the front wheel on the ground.

OMG it's early!

Port Perry Tim's for 0800

On our way to Darryl's

Willie gets attacked

We haven't even left the driveway and they're lost.

And they wondered why I brought my camera?

Who rides with AAAA bateries?! For that matter, who sells them? LOL

The fourth member of our elite group shows up.

We hit gravel after about 500 metres of aspahlt. I think I'm going to enjoy this ride.

I'm being followed.

Our man Graham limbers up.


Now that's a strange weather vane

I could have sworn that it was in the other direction about 100km from here?

Too many witnesses damn it!

Someone is out working hard on a Sunday.
And as we get closer to home the camera reads "FULL" Lol.

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