2019 First ride of the season

Some friends messaged us on Facebook this Easter long weekend, and C-Line and I arrived at the restaurant first, so we took a table for four at Maid Marion's in Charlottetown, got comfortable and waited for Jamie and Jolene to arrive.

Jamie and Jolene

They had the gall to show up with helmets in their hands wearing bike jackets... Well,  as soon as lunch was done, C-Line and I gathered up our bike gear and took off for a wee boot about town for ourselves. As C-Line put it, we were "shamed" into heading out in the almost miserable damp day, but once on two wheels we both had a ton of fun in the spring weather, and the roads were mostly drying out, so it turned out to be a great little romp after all.

I thought that recording my start mileage would be a great way of getting set up for the season, so here you are... 85,061 kilometres to date on the Versys.