2011 Parts Canada Superbike Double Header or Turn 2 Carnage as we like to call it.

We've been going to Mosport to view the Parts Canada Superbike races for some time now... and in 2006 we rode up for the day as a group, but saw that many people had opted to camp out for the weekend, so the following year, Dan Laurencelle and his Fiancee, Carrie Hannah invited me to camp with them atop the inside of Turn 2. After watching many of the racers crash in that corner, we began to call it "Turn 2 Carnage".

Carrie organizes the food and tickets every year, and this was her biggest event yet, when she opened it up to her facebook friends, we began to see the invitation list grow longer and longer.

On our way to meet up with friends. The Excitement mounts!


Friends who ride! Even better!


EXTREME ROADRASH, the Original Brittany Morrow Story by Brittany Morrow

EXTREME ROADRASH, the Original Brittany Morrow Story by Brittany Morrow

Not only is she beautiful, she's tough enough to to take her lumps and use her experiences to help others avoid the mistake she made.

@Brittany Morrow - thanks for sharing your story


Bandit vs. Bambi - the Resurrection of Bandit!

I hit a deer here About four years ago.
Well, it's finally done.
In 2007 I hit a deer while riding my 2001 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s, and tonight was it's maiden voyage post accident. Now I remember why I was trading it in on a VFR. :P
Most of you know what it's like to ride a street bike, but I've been off them for so very long that the seating position is foreign to me, the leaning into a corner... It's coming back, but I'd still take my KLR over the Bandit unless it's a long highway ride, as anything over 100kph the Bandit rules and delivers a nice smooth ride, albeit the stock windscreen is too small and I'm getting tons of buffeting unless I hug the tank.
I think I'm taller than the Japanese test riders. :P

It's ALIVE!!!