Mmm! Cherry!

I opened my top box to find a fine, white powder coating every piece of apparel I had in it. At first I thought it was a practical joke played upon me by one or more of the three other riders I'd been with on a 635km day ride up into Algonquin park and back, or perhaps it was an exploded rechargeable battery although I'd never heard of any issues with them.

I suddenly recalled while in the Catskill mountains I made an impulse purchase of a roll of "Sweethearts" candy at a gas stop. It had vibrated itself to death as it'd been on a KLR for over 1,500kms and that's enough time to turn milk into a shake on a rattle trap like the KLR. Why, I know people that tint their paint and ask me to ride it around the block a few times.

Mmmm! Cherry gloves! Lemon toque! Strawberry rain gear!!!

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