The Clutch cable parts company

Yeah, it's done. But it waited until after I rode it for an hour to teach an M1Exit class in Markham at Honda Canada. Maybe it was just bad karma?

It sucks to be me, consigned to four wheels for the rest of the holiday long weekend, and I can't even place an order for a new cable until Tuesday. :'(


2014 VRRA Vintage Festival at CTMP

Sometimes they make the whole circuit, sometimes not...
My friends and I have been attending the Canadian Super Bike Championships here at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park formerly known as Mosport since 2006, but this was my first time at the Vintage Road Racing Association weekend, and of the two I found the VRRA more interesting, and as there are fewer spectators, much more accessible in terms of camping spots etc. And the sidecar races were spectacular!