2007 Deals Gap or bust

My friend Brian Kwok and I rode down to The Tail of the Dragon see what the big fuss was... Veni, Vidi, Vici

Day 1 - Toronto ON to Altoona PA - 561km - 7 hours

Our salesmen are highly conversant with Armoured vehicles and have a wealth of knowledge that is yours to command!

Buy Lease or Trade!!! Come on in and Let's make a Deal!!! 

I touched for the first time with these sliders on US 33 heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were climbing a hill and hit a 15mph switchback with a lovely two lane truck lane included. I got lower and lower and lower and then the magic moment!!! The tail of the dragon and Cherahola should put a ton more wear on them.

Day 2 Altoona PA to Christiansburg VA - 374 miles - 7 hours

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This cornfield is typical of farms in the foothills of the mountains.

 The Blue Ridge Parkway lies ahead!

Deer on the Blue Ridge Parkway, who'd of thought?
 They are a public service announcement. You have to be very very careful on the roads in the states as there are more deer strikes there than I have ever seen before. :(

Brian wants a bit of everything

I'm more of a meat and potatoes man, myself. 

Rubbing toe sliders now. :D

Day 3 Christiansburg VA to Robbinsville NC - 300 miles - 5.5 hours

Just as we pull in to use the rest room...
 Destination Dollywood!
A Bus load of rowdy senior citizens bound for http://www.dollywood.com/ from New Jersey New York. Check out the link. :)

Made it!!!

Man can that boy ride!!! He brought my skills so very far on this adventure. I used to be highly dangerous, now I'm just incompetent. Thanks Dude! :P

Now I know Where Wobbly Cat got his photo from.

Graham County Sheriff's Department, Robbinsville North Carolina

Day 4 Robbinsville NC to Cherohala Skyway NC/TN to Deals Gap 129 and Return 

The loop:

It's unbelievably fun on a sport bike. 

My first taste of "grits". It reminded me of my Dad's oatmeal, Yuck!!!

Fairings on the VFR's left hand side are the first to scrape, before the pegs!!!

Muffler's on the right hand side of the bike scrape before the pegs as well... One rider told me he had to have his pipe welded as he dragged it so often...

I have complete faith in the BT 021's for sport bikes and touring, although I didn't get as much mileage off of them as I had hoped for. I need to replace the front tire shortly and the rear is almost on the bars too.

Our last night here in Robbinsville NC and we hit the road tomorrow.

Oh, wonderful. Rain for our send off. *sigh*