Terra Nova

I arranged with John and Sarah to meet in Bradford for breakfast. It didn't go quite as smoothly as I had thought it might as I suggested we meet at 1000 at the Daybreak at the corner of Dissette and Yonge street in Bradford

23:27 Sarah: Hey Ron- I think Bradford Day Break burnt down last spring, let's meet @ the new Tim Hortons by Crappy tire ok?

13 minutes
23:41 me: See, new tim hortons. At the west side of town. Got it.
23:42 I have to do an errand for Willie in Newmarket before meeting you guys. His wife's winter beater has a dead battery and he needs a ride and my boost pack to jump it.
If I'm late it's because it didn't go to plan.
23:44 Sarah: LOL, k :D... Are we changing the time or are you going to get on the move a few mins earlier? We have to be home for 3:30 the latest.
23:45 me: I know. I'm just saying I may ask you to get me take out and gobble it in the lot if it takes longer than it should. I'll be in Newmarket for nine, Bradford for ten.

Sarah: Okie-dokie..

I left around 0830 to arrive in Newmarket and help Willie revive the Honda CRV as his wife's summer toy was due to be garaged for the season, then I poked along to Edge Performance and convinced Craig that his clock was slow and that he should let me pay for my motorcycle parts order before he opened for the day in another thirty minutes. Muahahaha! Thanks Craig!

Now off to the Tim's to join a long line up and wait for breakfast and for my friends to arrive!

Day Tripping - Newmarket ON to Terra Nova ON and Return - Drive 172 km, 2 hours, 39 minutes

Peace, Eh?

Richmond Hill looking south towards Toronto.


  1. Thanks. You should have come along, we would have slowed down for you, so you could keep up.


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