2014 North Cape PE

North Cape, Prince Edward Island

It's October here on the Island, and on the East Coast the riding season is winding down to a close. I've managed to extend my season by means of heated grips, a heated jacket and an assortment of other clothing that I use for cold weather, but snow threatens in the forecast, and I find that I can really only ride until my knees and feet get too cold for comfort, and it was a close run thing when I hit the roads bound for Summerside.

I found the wind was infiltrating between my gauntlet gloves and my jacket cuff, under my helmet and onto my chin and neck in spite of the neckwarmer I was using, and early in the morning, it was fogging up my helmet enough to bother me and slightly hinder my sight.

Nevertheless, it was wonderful to be out and about on a beautiful, cold morning. How cold was it? For the first time this year there was frost on all the vehicles parked at the house, and there was much moaning about all the scraping and shovelling that this heralded for the coming winter. What it meant to me was that I would have to don layer after layer of clothing before I could roll the bike out of the garage and on down the driveway.

Stanchel PE to North Cape PE

I made it to the parking lot at Summerside's Bakin' Donuts where I'd offered to meet any other interested riders, to find they had yet to roll out of bed, so after topping off the tank, I decided I deserved to be topped off with breakfast before heading out.

I really should have written more before posting this, but it was a great ride in cold weather, and I had a blast. I didn't take many pictures as I've done this route before in the past.

The lighthouse in the background

Subframe Fasteners - Lost & Found

If you find one of the three fasteners that my Versys has spit out of the subframe, kindly return it for a reward.