Big Bikes Get Bruised

...In this episode, we pop Steve's offroad cherry, drop all the bikes pictured here with the exception of Dee's cruiser, although we almost had her convinced she could make it past the ditch, but she wised up when Stevey boy nearly binned it in front of her. Oh well, maybe we can get her to mount some knobbies on her Katana. ;)


Getting Dirty with Dee

Darryl invited us up to the farm to beat on his toys, so Willie twisted my arm a bit and I agreed to come, but only if I could find someone that I could beat in an off road race. I figured Dee was an easy mark as this would be her first time getting dirty. Boy was I wrong, she made me work to keep up. :)
Tammy followed up by inviting us to sit to dinner with the family to a wonderful roast beast with gravy. 
Awesome weekend!

Dee learns that getting on it gets you out of it. :)


Rick Mercer Report rides with the OPP Golden Helmets

He's got a great sense of humour, but possibly could have used a refresher course before riding with them. "Someone go get him." :D

Thanks Raf!


Night Ride to Scugog

 I went for a ride to clear my head and get out on the KLR for some gravel travel. It was everything I'd hoped it to be, and I need a better headlight if I'm going to keep this up. :P