The Versys improved

I installed a Corbin seat on the bike last year, and while it extends my ability to ride longer distances significantly, it also slides me further back into the saddle which put a bit of strain in my arms, which I could feel as the day wore on, most especially on the super slab.

The solution? A set of motowerks bar risers that bring the bars up a touch, and back by about 27mm which means no changes to the stock cables. I used plenty of blue loctite during the installation. 

My first impression today is that it hasn't done much, no big change that I can feel, but as I was riding along looking at my gps to find I had another 12 kilometres to the next turn, I found I was no longer stretching or slouching forward. 


Further, when Suzi was riding with me to our friends place for BBQ last night, I wasn't stretching forward as I normally do when riding the bike with her aboard, as her legs sit between mine and I have to sit all the way back in the corbin seat to give her room. 

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