The Versys gets Chain & Sprockets

I was doing a 350km ride two up with a friend, when late in the day I noticed excessive noise from the chain when I let out the clutch after each gear change. Once on steady throttle the noise would go away, so I made the assumption that I'd lost a tooth on the front sprocket, and that my plan of waiting until the end of July to replace the set wasn't going to fly.

I priced parts with my local Kawasaki dealer to find that they wanted about $300 for the parts, but that was a bit too steep for me, so I ordered the set from AViciousCycle.ca the following Tuesday, and was very happy to receive them Friday afternoon

It took just under three hours and an impact wrench to shift the counter shaft sprocket retaining nut, then for a late night test ride. 

Mission complete! Tomorrow we ride!
OEM Kawasaki counter shaft sprocket at 30,000 kilometres (plus a few wheelies}
The rear sprocket isn't in as bad a shape, but overall I knew I had to replace the set this month before my trip to Prince Edward Island
Yep, it's a tired sprocket. :(
The torque on this bike makes me wish it was 530 chain instead of 520
Thanks guys, you did a great job

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