2014 A Tale of Two Lakes

I'd made plans a week in advance to take a friend out for a ride on Friday, a ride that would start early in the morning and run far into the late afternoon, but as the day approached, the weather forecast became more foreboding, with threats of flood, famine and pestilence in the offing, so we both agreed the night before that it was a no-go.

And the heavens opened up, it rained as was foretold...  ...And it dried up, went away, I got a text message saying "Do you still want to go?" and I was out the door and on my way:

To this...

The Skies turn ugly
Brooklin ON to Bobcaygeon ON and Fenelon Falls ON

I was thirty minutes out of Brooklin heading for Little Britain to meet my friend Lauren, when I saw grey clouds to the North, seemingly heading my way. Still, I was riding in sunlight and Little Britain road was crossing the front, and we might just be able to avoid it if we made some time towards Lindsay.

We've run out of luck I think.
Lindsay was out, as the first rain drops started to patter down along the front edge of the clouds. The rain was so close that I could see it striking down in the treeline at the farm field edge not 500 metres away, and it was getting closer.

I turned south onto a dirt road and checked my Garmin GPS to see that at the south end, we could cross the river and get onto 7a much further south.

Oops, that squiggle on the GPS when zoomed in said that there was a road very close to the one I was on, but there was no bridge, so now I doubled back to the West...

Yeah, that didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped, for I was too far south, and needed to head North West to get back out onto Simcoe Street South.

And we rode through a wall of water that had every inch of us soaked in under three minutes. We finally beat the rain just North of Port Perry, so decided to stop in at the Tim Hortons and drip dry while having a coffee.

Water on the camera lens

These two birds were having a battle royale in the parking lot

Bird Poop Apocalypse! It hit Lauren, me, and splattered over my entire bike from front fender to top case!

The best part is, we didn't run into a anymore rain that evening, and I was all but dry by the time I got home, all but for my boots and socks.

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