2014 The 507 and Beyond

I had Friday off as I volunteered to work this Sunday, so posted up on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in a ride, and I was pleased to find that someone wanted to tag along so we made plans to meet up at Haugen's parking lot for ten in the morning.
I knew it was going to be a hot day, so beyond charging up my Scala and camera battery, I took along a couple of litres of water in my camel back, as well as donning a mesh jacket that would let the air get at my torso and arms. Good call that, as it was a warm day for it.

Jennifer enjoying the 507

Brooklin ON to Gooderham ON

My riding partner arrives right on time!

Butter Tarts N''More in Little Britain

I brought home a Chelsea bun to share
The marsh is in full bloom

County Road 24 on our way to Bobcaygeon

Selfie! :P

The 507 is a joy to ride today

Jennifer stops to take a few pictures

The Rock - starring Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, and Ed Harris

More marsh

Another blind corner. Jennifer had a scare when two vehicles came around a blind corner, the second one almost halfway into her lane!

The Haliburton Highlands

Lunch stop! Then onto the 503 westbound!

Simcoe road at the north end is gravel. Straight and fast.

At home on the KLR

She's catching me

Jennifer waves goodbye and rides off into the West and home.

Its a wee bit later than I thought...

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