CSBK 2012 or Speed & Monkey Butt

Yep. Monkey butt. You try riding on that seat for 4,000km and see what you get.

It now boasts a 2.6 Gallon IMS tank, heated grips, a Slipstream Spitfire windshield and a power cord for charging mounted in the top case. Time to load this sucker up!

I did my prep the night before and hurriedly packed gear for six days on the bike, and ran out of room for it really quickly. I keep packing as if I'll run into extreme weather, and I have in the past, but on this trip it was only extreme heat, and you can only get so naked on a motorcycle before the hospital bills catch up with you, so once again I had too many gloves, neck warmers, sweatshirts etc. Added to that was a sleeping bag and an air mattress, along with three sets of shirts and socks as I figured I'd ride stinky every other day.

Day 1 - Borden - Carleton PE to Bethel ME

I can't start this trip without breakfast at Anna's Country Kitchen in Crapaud PE
Perched on the passenger seat is my 55l canoe bag from MEC.ca, my dry bag containing air mattress only (yes, it's big), my two piece rain gear in a stuff sack (brilliant way to carry it!) and king of the castle is my jacket shell, a wind and waterproof (only in the designers dreams) shell that zips off leaving the inner jacket of mesh for warm weather riding.

I bought this bike at 4,000 kilometres, so I've doubled the wear on my 2009 DR650E almost overnight. This is the start mileage for the trip.

As I've been this route more than once in the past, I neglected to take any pictures until I arrived at my dinner stop in Bethel Maine, the Smoking Good BBQ. Google them, you'll find a map and my review. It was AWESOME!!! Best Bbq I've ever had, and I will rave about their beef brisket, beans, coleslaw and cornbread forever, so it's best you look at the pictures below while I drool at the mere thought of stopping there next year on my way back to Onterrible.

 That extra bag on the table? Takeaway, but it didn't get very far as I stayed at the Rostay Inn literally next door. A clean nicely decorated room for $65 dollars a night that included a made to order breakfast. I had the raisin cinnamon french toast with sausage patty and a cuppa tea. Breakfast is free for motorcyclists. :)
I really should have gotten away sooner, but I slept well.

Day 2 - Bethel ME to Mosport, Port Clarington ON

Rouse's Point NY They had to keep the Canadians out, so this is what they came up with.

This was the longest wait I've ever had crossing in Ganonoque. I had turned off the bike and was pushing it by hand. I even had time to get some chain maintenance done.

The Hill Island Bridge with a lovely sunset to welcome me back into Canada.

Brewing up a hot cuppa at the race track early Saturday morning. Trouble was I had no tea, until Sarah and Carrie came to my rescue with tea and milk. :D

Dan is here with his hack that he built himself this past winter.

Number 985 piloted by Glen Cauley is here with his pit crew, Alice.

Darryl, Tammy and their two boys Matthew and Blake are over at Honda Red Riders getting some training.

I found Mathew and Blake but can't see Darryl out there anywhere?!

Perhaps its best as he would have slowed them down.

Blake calls it a day and heads in to collect his swag bag. Times a wasting!

Matthew is running the Endurance race today...

Matthew doesn't even want to stop.



The Hannah family show us how it's done.

Glenn was out there with his fellow amateur racers, and when we saw the red flag go out,  we crossed our fingers and prayed that it was somebody else that went down. No such luck and we were off to the paddock to comfort Alice and lend what aid we could to Cindy and David secure Glenn's belongings while they went to the hospital to be checked out, and later flown on to Sunnybrook.

Get well soon mate!

This tire was so hot when it went off the track that the leaf is dried and stuck to the tire.

The BMW Dakar with sideBar

One for the road before the side bar gets away?

Jodi Christie taking the top spot in the 600 class.


Yep... It must be catching.

We're packing up waiting for the last race to finish... :(

They have a great vantage point for the race, but getting down while double fisted drinking may present a challenge.

Our gang on race day.


We're going to the Ganny tomorrow, wanna come?

The computer won't even attempt a backwards S so lets just have a chuckle, shall we?

Tammy makes the outside of their century farm house beautiful. I had to show my sister Wendy.

Day 5 - Mosport, Port Clarington ON to West Danville VT

Crocs get the job done, and they're comfy too!

The boys asked me to ask "my wife" if i can stay longer and go to the Ganny with them too next year. Rock On! I hope you guys had a blast!

I wonder where they were headed, we played leap frog a few times, and I left them in NYS looking at their map.

Fun times ahead!

The malted milk is excellent!

Does it look to you like I'm going to need some rain gear today?

The answer would be yes, and right on the twistiest part of the ride too. :(

But a beautiful payback for all that rain...

At least I brought gear with me. He was being hard core or ignorant. :P

Time to put that gear back on and ride hard and safe...

I took one picture of this, the other one is covered in rain drops and useless. It was a wonderful run in beautiful country along Vermont 17 up and over. I loved it.

He's not here this year, but it was wet and chilly. :(
Shortly after taking this picture, a KLR rider stopped in to ask if I had a place to stay the night, then offered me bratwurst, beer and a basement for the night. Thanks Glenn. You really made the trip and I've been sharing this story with my friends and family since I got back.

His blog covers his 2011 trip down to Tierra Del Fuego
Glenn's Travels South
Link: http://sabbaticalglenn.blogspot.com/
It's well worth a read, but then you know Dual Sport riders rock...
Day 6 - West Danville VT to Borden-Carleton PE

My favourite breakfast place in all of North America.

Does this mean today is Tuesday?!? Damn it!!!

Whatever that thing is on the ramp is BIG!!!

It empties the pulped wood out of an entire tractor trailer all at once.

Central Maine along Route 9 has a hidden beauty you don't often see from the roadside, so when you get a chance, stop and look around.

Clear skies ahead...

Rain coming up fast from behind... Time to get rolling!

Fog along the coast heading into St. John from St. Stephen.

Aw, this is what happens when you stop for gas. I geared up just before it hit, complete with Rainex on the visor.

I don't think I'll beat it this time, as that is the direction I want to head in.

And it's done.

And for my friends that I left back in Ontario, this is why I came back...

A special thanks to my very special friends who made this weekend such a great time. Next year will be even better!

Suzi was extremely happy to have me home again. I need a bike that can haul us both next time. Hmmm. NC700X?

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