Slipstream Spitfire

Today was my first ride with it and I noticed that the pressure on my chest was gone, although my AFX-39 dual sport helmet got louder as the air flow changed.

I was hoping for spoiled air at my eye level, but it's just above my chin bar which is working out well. If I squat down a touch I enter the "Cone of Silence", and and shoulder checks are easier to make as well now that more of the helmet is in spoiled air.

On the down side, with only two support for arms it bounces a bit on gravel to the point where I'll need to give more than a 1/4 inch clearance between the bottom edge of the screen and my front cowl or it will etch the cowl in a heartbeat.

Overall its a great choice and I'm fairly happy with it.


  1. I have one on my DR650. I attached some small pieces of rubber edging where the shield contacts the cowl. No etching and I can now tighten it against the cowl to reduce the vibration.

    Maine DR from NBDSC.CA


  2. Good to know. I'll take your advice and rig something for the spring.