2020 The Versys Turns 100 (thousand!)

Caroline and I were going out for an afternoon ride today, but my bike had some other ideas. I'd pulled a giant bolt out of the tread of the rear tire yesterday, and put a patch in the tire, so I was really looking forward to heading out after airing the rear tire up to 36 psi with my 12 volt air compressor. The patch was holding so I wheeled it out of the underground garage and headed towards Caroline's place up the road to find that she still hadn't pulled the cover off of her Shadow, and I really didn't want to get off the bike, so I pulled over, and glanced down to find that I was only a few more kilometres away from rolling the odometer over from 99,999 to 100,000!

Caroline rang me up to say that she had heard me passing in front of the house, and we arranged to meet just up the road, where I waited on the verge for her, but I'd warned her that as soon as I rolled over, I'd be stopping to grab a couple of pictures!

We got about a half kilometre farther on down the road, before my 2009 Versys KLE650 rolled over onto to the magic 100,000 km mark!

And we made it!

Sadly the patched tire didn't last as long as I wanted to, but I was packing the plug kit and was able to make my way into the Petro Canada station where they had a handy air compressor, so I was able to patch the tire, but opted to let Caroline continue her ride while I sat watching the glue dry, then limped it home into my garage, but that is another story. 


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