2012-06-16 4AE1201 Edelweiss Alps Extreme

16 June 2012

Today is the day we need to change hotels, as Willie had arranged for us to arrive a day early so we could enjoy the town of Erding and Munich, so we need to check out and head on over to our new hotel and check in there.

We also had our rental bikes to look forward to tonight, so I was a bit excited about that and was eager to swing my leg over the Versys 650 that I had long been admiring at my local Kawasaki dealer, Edge Performance motorsports up in Bradford Ontario.

And it's time for the brewery tour arranged by Willie...

The samples were fantastic, and all served with fresh pretzels and wurst! I'd do this tour over and over again.

Steckerlfisch (Steckerl from the Bavarian dialect for stick or pole) is a fish grilled on a stick in the traditional way of a fisherman or camper. The fish is gutted, marinated, then grilled and basted until the skin becomes crispy. Where we might see a sausage or hot dog cart you may find a Fischgrill.

Shaun downing his Steckerlfisch

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