2012-06-14 4AE1201 Edelweiss Alps Extreme

14 June 2012

We've been planning this trip for over a year and now, after three beer in the Hotel Mayr-Wirt beer garden in Erding Germany, we're off to a good start. I'll have pictures and more once the tour starts Properly on Saturday.


Saturday has come and gone, and I too have changed time zones back from Italy to Canada, and with 3,000 photographs to choose from, it's more than a labour of love to make this happen, so I'll post each day of the trip in the order in which I took them.

Day 1 - Toronto Canada to Erding Germany

1500 comes far too early

I bore easily...

Bavaria Germany after a ten hour flight!

Hotel Mayr-Wirt

Some things are the same no matter what country you park in.

We check in then deal with the real reason why we're here, to sample the beer!

I don't get it either. Rain suit?

Oops! Careful there!

It's market day in Erding's main square. Bread, cheese and olives seem to be the norm, and what olives!

Take note of the name. They brew some fabulous Weissbier

Weiner Schnitzel! Stuffed with bacon and cheese.

The beer garden in front of our hotel, and they've a head start on me!

The homes almost all sport red clay tiled roofs, and this example sits atop a  brick and stucco fence along the strasse.

Dessert! Brezels mit der wurst es Erdinger Dunkel.

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