The KLR is gone... but not forgotten.

On my birthday last fall, a close friend offered me the keys to his new-to-him 2009 Suzuki DR650E, and after a few wheel lofts in the parking lot, I was hooked.

By chance I saw him advertise it for sale this spring, and I jumped all over it and consequently found myself struggling with three bikes jammed into my side of the garage, A Bandit, the DR650 and my venerable old KLR. Something had to go, so I posted a couple of ads on Kijiji about the bikes...

 and met with success fairly rapidly... although it sold under my asking price, I'm pretty sure it'll be treated the way I would have... Abused, dropped, dirtied and put back to into riding order once the foliage is plucked out from the bike. :D

I'll add some more memorabilia pics here when I come across them. I regret not getting a shot of them driving away with it in their truck.

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