Slime Tire Top Off Tire Inflator

I'd had a wonderful sideways slide down the road due to a front tube blowout on my KLR 650, so you'll understand why proper tire inflation has become something of an obsession with me.

Some friends and I made a trip down to the Catskill Mountains in New York for an ADVRider.com rally called "Color in the Catskills" and when the weather turned colder, I noticed that my front tire was a bit low, so my friend Dee pulled out a wee air compressor that bulked a little larger than a ham sandwich, you know the ones that are made with generous slices of ham, have some nice old tart cheddar and a spot of bold mustard on some lovely white bread? The tire inflator doesn't taste as good, but worked very well topping off the tire using the 12 volt cigarette lighter I've installed on my bike. While her gauge was broken, I used the one I carry in my tank bag to sort it out. For a $15 investment at Walmart Canada, it seems like a great addition to a travel tool kit, so I went out and bought one the next time I found my self in Wally Mart. ;)


I used it to inflate my tires when I swapped out my street tires to my dirt tires. It took a bit, but brought up the pressures easily although I don't trust the built in gauge at all. ;)


  1. Good tire inflator

    1. It works hard and kicks out quite a bit of heat, but is fairly compact and inexpensive. For car tires, you really need something a lot bigger.