2 Bikes, 2 States, 2 Days and 2 Turkeys

Two Turkeys
I'd taken a week's vacation from work, and had made plans with Dee to ride down into Pennsylvania the following Monday, when I'd had a front tire blow out on my KLR, sending the bike sliding down the road sideways at 40 kilometres per hour, and bashing up my hand to the point where I had difficulty and pain getting a glove on and off of it, so the ride was postponed, but understandably Dee was less than happy about it, so as I'd no plans for the Thanksgiving weekend, we developed a mini ride that would have us leaving Toronto Friday night to cross the border and head for Springville NY to overnight, but as you can see, we didn't quite make it that far...
Night 1 - Richmond Hill ON to Gowanda NY

Everybody was Karate fighting! Those dudes were fast as lightning!

We spent the first night crossing the border and staying in a motel in the town of Gowanda NY where we hit the bar and enjoyed imported beer. Molson Canadian for $2.75 a bottle. Does is make you proud to be A Good little Ontarian traipsing off to the Brewer's retail?

$62 dollars a night, a bit dated but warm and dry.

Day 2 - Gowanda NY to Renovo PA

Yes, it's this much fun to ride with me. Or I just told her breakfast was on me.

Deep in Amish country New York State, we seem to be a bit out of place...

Inflation hits New York

The boys are out playing, plowing the vegetable garden on a Saturday morning.

Ugh! Interstate, but it was the only bridge to get here...

This is why we're here, and we're not even in Pennsylvania yet!

We made it!

What's that you say? You DARE me?! :D BWAHAHAHA

Dee likes the camera. :)

They're not running anymore.

Ramming speed!

Squidding it Pennsylvania Style.

...As Sapphire stares, envious... wishing for knobby tires and a more giving suspension :(

Okay, I'll be good and stick to the asphalt. :(

A much happier Dee. :D

She gives it a go for my sake, but the Katana is much happier on the macadam,  Garmin, not so much.

PA Route 120 heading East.

872 North to Coudersport is fun too, but not this trip.

There were bikes all along Route 120, more group rides than I've ever seen before. Twelve or more along  this stretch alone.

Beautiful roadside views like this might have been the reason.

Ape Hangers

They can't be comfortable?!

I make all the pretty girls smile. 

Dee's like, "wow bright!", I'm like, "These shades will increase the coolness of this shot by a factor of 3.76!" :P

Apples for sale! I had to stop and see if they had any Honey Crisp.

We parked in front of a private drive that crossed the rail road tracks to a home. Oops.

Renovo PA, we're a bit early, so we'll push on and get to Hyner View State Park.

It's a trip highlight, if you're in the area, and you say you like twisties, it's a must!

A few more hairpins to go and we'll be at the lookout you can see straight ahead.

Deandrea says "Ăśnforgettable! Thanks for the experience!"

They've placed one stone from every county in PA here, and this was the most fascinating.

And this wins the best dressed award.

W41.3267, N -77.6232
Extreme Closeup!

Such beauty, elegance, wit and grace. :P

I thought I'd try my hand at Hang Gliding, but I just don't get it

I think I have the Hang part down pat...

Hey Mom, Happy Thanksgiving! I love you.

Skill testing downhill hairpins, my favourite, NOT!

Blurry shot saved by B&W effect? No, but at least you can drool over the road we were on. Go ahead, I run great rain tires.

South to Lockhaven and dinner.

Sunset along PA Route 664 towards Lockhaven PA

My camera is not doing these dusk shots any justice

Never has riding to Supper been so entertaining. 
Day 3 - Renovo PA to Richmond Hill ON
Looking at the map above, I really have to mention that the entire day was wonderful until just past Holland NY where we jumped back onto the highway, after which it became a hazy blur of Interstate, QEW and 401 lane blocking, shoulder checking, merging boredom, with an adrenaline edginess brought on by careless lane changing cagers.

The last of the morning mist is being burned away.

This is the very first SuperSport ride we've seen all weekend, but they picked the best road for it.

Yamaha XT660? 600?

This one's for you Willie.

I have a similar shot from the Labour day long weekend ride I did on this route with Willie.

We're heading North, he's riding South... Could it be?

Hell yeah! It's KiteRider from GTAMotorcycle.com

Dee is tailgunner...

Umm, Dee? We're not going that way...

It's worth the stop. The food is very nice. Coudersport PA

They wouldn't be so welcoming if they heard my exhaust...

Friendship NY

The last of the rolling hills. *sniff sniff*

Holland NY

Ron Kierstead likes this

I was worried this fell off my bike... until I saw that
a.  it was not covered in oil and dirt
b. it had no sractches
It's not off of my KLR! :)

Yes the mirrors are useless.

They're ready and waiting for us on the other side, aren't they?

Less than 20 minutes to cross back over. :D

Hair by Shoei

Dee all geared up for her ride to Minden with the Southern Cruisers this morning.

Dave! How ya doin'?


  1. Stunning pictures mate, could hardly belive the USA had such good scenery!

  2. The roads were brilliant! What you don't see are all the twists and turns as I could only manage to get shots in the straight aways. :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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