Bandit vs. Bambi - the Resurrection of Bandit!

I hit a deer here About four years ago.
Well, it's finally done.
In 2007 I hit a deer while riding my 2001 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s, and tonight was it's maiden voyage post accident. Now I remember why I was trading it in on a VFR. :P
Most of you know what it's like to ride a street bike, but I've been off them for so very long that the seating position is foreign to me, the leaning into a corner... It's coming back, but I'd still take my KLR over the Bandit unless it's a long highway ride, as anything over 100kph the Bandit rules and delivers a nice smooth ride, albeit the stock windscreen is too small and I'm getting tons of buffeting unless I hug the tank.
I think I'm taller than the Japanese test riders. :P

It's ALIVE!!!

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