2011 Parts Canada Superbike Double Header or Turn 2 Carnage as we like to call it.

We've been going to Mosport to view the Parts Canada Superbike races for some time now... and in 2006 we rode up for the day as a group, but saw that many people had opted to camp out for the weekend, so the following year, Dan Laurencelle and his Fiancee, Carrie Hannah invited me to camp with them atop the inside of Turn 2. After watching many of the racers crash in that corner, we began to call it "Turn 2 Carnage".

Carrie organizes the food and tickets every year, and this was her biggest event yet, when she opened it up to her facebook friends, we began to see the invitation list grow longer and longer.

On our way to meet up with friends. The Excitement mounts!


Friends who ride! Even better!

One final touch and we're ready to roll!

Suzi's view as we sweep the ride to Mosport.

We arrive, say hello to Sergei and thank him for coming out a day early and holding down our spot...

And the rush to grab a  flat spot is on! I lost ever so slightly and  tended to slide a bit towards the track  at the bottom of the slope if I wasn't careful.

Who do you have to know to get this kind of treatment?!

Amey got iced.

She does it like a champion!

Dan waits for the crowd to grow silent...

And he shows us how the game is played...

What's wrong Jay? Can't get it up?
Or down again it would seem...

Always bring along a strong friend when off roading a KLR. :D

I got iced a few times too many... And to my lasting shame, Adrienne loans me her favourite blanket. :P

John gets iced, so Sarah acts as proxy to an admiring crowd.

Raf was out taking pictures of a beautiful sunrise, and as I was a little hung over, settled for taking  pictures of Raf. 

Wobbly stunting in the sand! Whoot!

Aliki action figures sold separately

Francis Martin #16 on a BMWS1000RR , Team Couturier Racing

Melanie and Kyle pretty much doing what I'm doing, enjoying themselves.

Suzi is enjoying the shade and the company of new friends and old.

What follows is a series of photo's showing one of many crashes in Turn 2 this past weekend...

I hate seeing any kind of medical staff necessary, but I'm very glad they are ready to step in to do what they can to make the sport safer for all of us. 

The race marshalls are about to kick Wobbly out of turn 3... :P

David gets iced

Jay says the trees just leaped out in front of him...

Wow! You guys are going to need more beer!

Jay, you broke it, you should fix it.

Not that dent, it was there before you went for the trees, THIS is the new dent.

The beer helps us, really it does.

Dinner? We're off to a PARTY!!!

And we're off to dinner!

The KLbaR, have panniers, will travel.

I thought this was a facebook thing?

Poke me? Poke YOU! Poke me?

mmm...Nom nom... I love street meat... Your loss is my gain. I'll have this cleaned up in a jiffy...

Brett McCormick, the 2011 Canadian Superbike Champion and new #1 plate gives out autographs...

The family that brushes together... Avoids the dentist?

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Stacey Nesbit, Canada's first female National Road Racing Champion for 2011. 

Francis Martin #16 with his student and fan. :)

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