You might be a Redneck...

If the shoe fits...

I'll wear that with a badge of pride. I was looking for something to haul my bike around with, and trailers were too costly, and I'd no room to store one, so when I saw something similar listed on eBay, I knew I could get my Dad to weld one up for me as a prototype, and as long as the boys in blue left two licensed and insured vehicles alone while on the highway, I could get the bike to and fro during those cold winter months in the frozen wasteland we call Canada.

Well, I had the perfect opportunity to try it out, as my goal today was to prep the bike and get it on up to Willys in Pefferlaw so he could get started on the 685 big bore kit and valve job.

Fabricated by Emerson

It's very easy to mount the bike, but it tool time to suss out the mounting points for the straps. Next time I'll have the straps in place waiting for the bike instead of the other way around. :P

I tied and zip tied the chain up off the sprocket so the transmission was not running in neutral at 100kph. It's just not designed for it, Old Bean.

Straps everywhere! I used seven straps. I need two ten footers and one for around the tire.  And possibly an OMG NO!!! backup strap. :D

The bars stay perfectly parallel to the bumper, it's the rear that moves and tracks to the inside of the corner.

It looks like it will fall over and I get a bit nervous. I love this bike way more than the car. :)

Here it is at full steering lock. If I had to reverse I might have to get out and drag the rear tire around to prevent damage. I could dent the tank or worse if I forgot and reversed it into a jackknife.

Tracking nicely on the highway on ramp

And we made it to drop off my bike to "Willys" from KLR650.net for 685 and some valve work.

A Kawasaki drill. The man cares. He really does care. 

Hey, post up with your links to other redneck towing ideas. :D

Y'all come back now y'all.

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