2010 Cora's, Campbellville and Clutch Cables

 Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis! 

Achilles posted up in GTASportriders and a that began it all... :)

Last ride of the season

Hello, Anyone interested to join me tomorrow (Nov 12) for the last ride of the season? I'm going to put the bike away this Saturday. So I decided to take Friday off to ride. So sad just to think about it....


Day Tripping - Richmond Hill ON to Campbellville ON and Return - 165 km - 2.5 hours

Richmond Hill to Campbellville and Return

Link to Google Map that isn't as accurate as it could be.

Hooray! Alice is here!

The Popo is everywhere!

The mist nearly ruined the ride for me. It was a dangerous ride in followed by seemingly no change until we had hit the highway near Milton.

Oops! Something's gone wrong with Wobbly's bike! The clutch cable snapped, so he's going to have to powershift to make it back to the Icehouse Restaurant in Campbellville.

The first thing Wobbly Cat does is take pictures. Then again, I did too. 

This clutch cable should never look like this. I think Wobbly is in trouble!

Livio to the rescue!

THAT'S where that tuna salad sandwich got to! Now where is that wire?

I wonder if the clutch cable from a ZX10 will fit the ZX9? :D

Meanwhile, back at lunch.

Yep, you done busted her up REAL good!

We call in the consultants

Ah HAH! Broke.

I'll count to four and if he's still here, then you're on your own.

Rattlesnake Point

Wobbly having some fun nursing his broken bike home.

I need a clutch cable, are you willing to part it out?

Darlene's new ride! 

It's far too bright and shiny for my liking

This could be a picture of Darlooney riding behind me, or my mirror and handguard. 

Now I'm at home with Pizza and a dog. :)

The End


  1. hey that's not nice, i was just trying to help with the broken cable. anyway that guy can't count to four.

  2. It was a lousy caption, sorry.

    There are three ways a clutch cable can be fixed, replacement with an OEM cable, replacement with a shorter cable, replacement with a longer cable, or jury rig a temporary one. FOUR! There are FOUR ways to fix a clutch cable!


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