2020 The Quarantine Rides Begin

I saw a cartoon today...
A time Traveller appears before me
Time Traveller: "What year is this?" Asked the traveller,
Me:"2020 says I."
"Ah, the first year of 'Quarantine'!" Says he. 
Me: "              " :(

Overlooking the Greek River on Point Pleasant Road PE

 Day Tripping: Charlottetown to Calhoon's Wharf and return.

A late Saturday lunch with the geese! 
And so Caroline and I started the season with our first of many weekend rides, but we also chose to ride responsibly, and that to us, meant social distancing and avoiding unnecessary stops and use of common facilities, such as coffee shops and restaurants, so we packed along a late lunch snack, and a thermos full of tea, then headed East to locate a spot to get tucked in to the grub along with a nice cuppa. 

It's early yet, but some seed potatoes are going in this weekend
A tributary of the Greek River

We stopped a few times along Point Pleasant road to take some pictures, as I was enjoying how clear water looked.

And being from Ontario originally, I love seeing the tidal marshes etc.

Another spring time view of Greek River
from Point Pleasant Road looking North East

We are really not making much time along this road today, but Caroline and I were both enjoying the scenery and she mentioned that there was a Photo Tag game underway in the Red Isle Riders group, and she needed a picture of a bike and a bridge to claim the tag, so I obliged with a couple of pictures.

Thankfully you can't zoom in and see how dirty these are. :)

Look how clear that water is!

You can still see some of the wind damage we experienced here last September
 that took out quite a few mature trees. There are many falls in the woods. 

Caroline mentioned that we had passed a road leading out to a wharf "back there" and asked if I minded having a look. Why would that bother me? I've been rubbernecking all day long.

We headed back to "Calhoon's Wharf Road" that led us out to an isolated unused fishing wharf that had a couple of swimming rafts still piled up on it. A perfect place to have our "Social distancing" lunch and tea break.

The Versys is going on to 97,800 kilometres today. 
There were four Canada geese out there, and one seemed determined to defend his rights somehow, and Caroline enjoyed our hard boiled eggs and crackers with cheese while sipping our tea trying to come up with the what's and why of the Greek River drama society players. I think a male was defending his right to the area and his female which was up on the shore. I wouldn't be surprised to see some goslings out that way later this summer.

Do not zoom in, Quarantine hair on display. 
I'm going to get into trouble for that last bit. We both have been having hair moments during this COVID thing, and my response was to hack it off in my bathroom and ask Caroline to repair what I couldn't see. That was a few weeks ago, and it's grown back. Caroline keeps threatening to borrow my clippers, and I keep volunteering to help her. :D

It was getting on to four o'clock and somehow we had expected to be up around East Point and on our way back via Northside Road (16) but that was clearly not going to happen, so we packed everything up and decided to follow Caroline out to Gaspereaux PE along 17 that would take us into Montague.

Murray River North PE

Poverty Beach Road and 17

North on 17 heading up towards Gaspereaux now.

So we meet a couple of other riders out braving the chill Spring air

Lobster season starts at the end of the April, which is very soon now. 

I stopped just south of Gaspereaux on 17 to get a couple of pictures of Graham's Pond and the wharf there.

My heated jacket was having a harder time keeping the chill out as the shadows lengthened, and I was pretty happy to be back in Charlottetown before the sun went down, where Caroline and I agreed that we needed to start earlier if we were going to enjoy our Sunday ride as well.

Cheers from the Island!

COVID-19 Impact:
And that is where the rides will stay until we put this virus behind us and it becomes safe to travel again.We also packed our food and declined to stop anywhere for incidentals. We paid at the pump while refuelling and were very careful not to bare hand the fuel pumps there. I have to admit the roadside thermos of tea and snacks was a lot of fun!

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