A short morning braaap!

Now I know where that hole in my pants came from! It's been burning away on the exhaust header of the XR400R! Lol.

Now that the V is waiting on parts, I had an itch and the XR managed to scratch it.

With yesterday's rain storm there were plenty of puddles to choose from on the clay roads, and I was a wee bit of a nervous nelly in spite of the knee armour and CE rated armour in my old jacket. Once the front end started to slide it was just a question of getting my weight over the front tire and adding throttle to keep it rolling and in the general direction of where I wanted to go. 

After a brief roadside stop to get this picture, I was reminded of two things, how tall this bike is, and just how deeply that kickstarter would turn this into a delicate balance, teetering to the left as the bike sank lower into the soft clay soil, and kicking on the right trying to breathe life back into the old single. 

I did learn that vibration moves the choke from half  choke back up to full, so I may be able to put those inexplicable stalls behind me with a little attention to the clickety click detent plate that holds the plastic arm of the choke lever in place on the side of the carburettor.

I also had to tighten that pesky folding mirror, as it was flipping and flopping away merrily over the back roads. 

Have a great day! 

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