2016 You would think that Spring had arrived or something

Let's sneak a peek inside and see what is up
When I last left the garage, we had successfully pinched a brand new inner tube for the rear tire of the Yamaha 125. Argh! I've done a lot of tires, but this was akin to working on a stiff walled front tire rather than the rear tire of the Yamaha. You will remember I've worked on KLR and DR650, more so than small cc dirt bikes.

They got a tube, fired it up after a long bout of kicking then pushing until it they got it running. We heard then saw my nephew Tyler riding circles round the house on the 125, so my sister Wendy-Sue and I, our curiosity peaked, headed into the garage to see the normally calm world gone mad with spring motorcycle fever.

They gather round the new Triumph Scrambler.

I can't get enough of this exhaust note. 

My turn...

Tyler moves up from the 125...

It looks better from this angle...


The concept here is that Nathan is trying to recharge his battery by idling his bike in the garage.

Chicken strips on my new rear tire... PEI style

She's mine, all the bits hither and yon, they are mine. 

If I had my 450 running...

Logan will be here to pick up his DR400SM any day now. He keeps it mint. 

Here is the power plant, all put back together after he grenaded the engine. 

It's just waiting for an oil filter now, before the long awaited fire up. 

In the meantime, it seems that Nathan is letting off some steam. 

I think you might want to hook that battery to a charger after all

And here sits Wendy's bike, the Bonneville, all ready to go. 
At this rate I might have to get a Triumph Tiger if I want to blend in. :P

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