2016 Time for a new rear tyre

The Michelin Pilot Road 4s didn't last as long as I had hoped, and this spring I was on the wear bars, so I went with a Continental Trail Attack2 rear, and later on will swap out the front.
I think I got approximately 12000 km off the rear, and hope to get 16000 off the new rear tire.
I also took the opportunity to perform an oil and filter change, Rotella T6 Synthetic and Fram oil filter, both from Wally Mart. 
If the weather is conducive tomorrow, I'll be able to head out and burn off that mold release agent on the tire. 

Have a good one! 

Continental Trail Attack2
Why the rag? A young racer taught me this trick when putting your rear wheel back on. Once the axle shaft is in and the chain slipped back on, run a rag over the chain and into the sprocket to pull the axle tight up against the stops on both sides before tightening the axle. It works great which means I spend less time with wrenches in my hands and more time in the saddle.

I like to record the mileage when I install tires
I hope to have a review on how long this rear lasts me, so check back for that.
Available at Wally Mart
Both the oil and filter I use with my Versys are available at Wally Mart, which makes for convenient one stop shopping. I'm currently running Rotella T6 15w40 Synthetic in the Versys, after I fell in love with using the Rotella 15w40 in my old KLR 650 and DR650E.

Later that weekend I work on my chicken strips...
Chicken Strips, Prince Edward Island Style

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