2011 Suzi Visits Quebec

Dee invited Suzi and I to make the trek up to Quebec to camp out overnight at the Esprit white water rafting campground, and who could refuse when a lovely girl sends you a Garmin GDB with a wonderfully twisted route? I did have to create a KML file and use GPSVisualizer to convert it back into a GDB so I could have a Route AND a Track, but that's the geek in me. Think of it as a highlighted route marked on the map, I've become addicted to tracks and the trackback feature, but once in a while I like to gas up and get lost. ;)

Anyhow, Suzi was a bit nervous on the Bandit as opposed to the KLR but she settled in and began to enjoy the ride as soon as we passed the first stinky cow farm. It what she likes. :)

Suzi greets the people that she meets in her own particular way.

Richmond Hill ON - Chemin Esprit QC & Return
The colours are beginning to turn, so if you head up Bancroft way expect the real show perhaps this and the following  weekend.

Let sleeping dogs lie


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