1. farkle
accessory. The word is generally accepted to mean a combination of "function" and "sparkle", hence, farkle. Motorcycle enthusiasts may install accessories, called farkles (also spelled farkel), to customize their machine.
F.A.R.K.L.E. -- Fancy Accessory Really Kool Likely Expensive

Well, the very first farkle I put on my bike was a GPS holder from Ram. There was no turning back.

On my 2009 Kawasaki Versys KLE650:

2009 Kawasaki Versys KLE650
  1. Ram ball mount
  2. SAE connector for heated gear/battery tender
  3. Givi top box
  4. SW-Motech Alurack for the top box
  5. Givi tall windshield, clear
  6. Sparkbright LED voltage monitor
  7. Garmin power cord for the 60cx
  8. 3rd brake flasher for visibility
  9. Oxford Heaterz touring model with v8 controller
  10. Corbin seat.
  11. Motowerks Bar Risers (Anodized black)
  12. Barkbuster Storms
  13. Kaoko Throttle lock
  14. SW-Motech quick release luggage racks
  15. Givi E41 panniers as needed (see above)
  16. eBay Kickstand adaptor plate for the Gen 1 Versys 650 (big foot)

The Corbin seat is a thing of beauty!

While I won't be taking it off road, it owns the gravel roads!

Gravel roads are about as adventurous as you can get

Here I am after breaking the exhaust and then dumping it in the sand. It's not an offroad bike, especially with those tires.

On my 2001 Honda XR400:

  1. Acerbis handguards
  2. Garmin GPS V (Yeah, it's old, but I'm gettin' there too)
  3. Baja Designs road kit (Lights, horn, turn signals and brake light)
  4. IMS tank
  5. DIY all day saddle
  6. Fork brace
  7. Seal Savers
  8. Suspension tuned for heavy (That's me!) rider
  9. IMS shift lever
  10. Willie's comfort seat mod
  11. Go Faster Stickers

On my 2009 Suzuki DR650E (Sold):

  1. Ram Ball mount
  2. SAE connector for heated gear/battery tender
  3. SAE connector for power in the topbox (waterproof charging station!)
  4. Barkbuster handguards with Storm deflectors
  5. Kimpex heated grips
  6. Pro Grips - Rally 714
  7.  Slipstream Spitfire windscreen
  8. Kappa Case
  9. IMS 4.9 Gallon tank
  10. Fender reinforced with over sized washers
  11. PIAA Super Plasma GT-X H4 Bulb (55/60watts)
  12. And soon, a new seat or covering. My butt is still so sore!!! ;) 
Vermont Route 17

Crapaud PE loaded for a four day ride

    On my 2004 Kawasaki KLR 650 (SOLD but not forgotten):

    1. Ram Ball mount
    2. Garmin eTrex Vista Cx (gets you there and back even in the dark)
    3. Progressive dual rate fork springs
    4. K9 Fork Brace
    5. Progressive 420 rear shock
    6. Aluminium bash plate
    7. Fairing guards
    8. SW Motech quick release luggage racks (Took them off in favour of the Packrat)
    9. Givi EZ-Flow Top Box
    10. Symtec heated grips
    11. Attachment for heated jacket
    12. 12v Accessory outlet
    13. Aftermarket 400watt Stator
    14. Aftermarket Regulator/Rectifier for hd stator (Dead!!! I had to switch back to stock)
    15. KLX carburettor needle kit
    16. carburettor slide vacuum hole enlarged to 7/64"
    17. DR-650 metal foot pegs
    18. IMS extended gear shifter
    19. Ascerbis aluminium hand guards (These are priceless! Saved my hands offroad and on)
    20. Manic Salamander throttle lock and bar ends (removed at present)
    21. Knurled screw to adjust the low speed circuit (pilot screw)
    22. LED Battery voltage monitor (on the kitchen table)
    23. Schnitz Racing 685cc Big Bore kit
    24. PIAA Super Plasma GT-X H4 Bulb (55/60watts)
    25. Zip Ties as required :D
    26. $12.00 Rear right chinese turn signal courtesy of mud hill
    27. Spare front and rear rims mounting Kenda Trackmaster2's
    28. Corbin saddle (I now have the flat seat as opposed to dished and it makes a world of difference off road, but I can't flat foot anymore)
    29. IDS2 Supertrapp exhaust (loud and prone to spit bolts out and now missing the end cap. Darlooney says it shot past her near Truro, Nova Scotia)(Lost the silencer section on the hwy, so back to OEM for now)
    30. All Balls Fork Seals 
    31. EC - Battery voltage monitor
    32. GPS power supply cord for Garmin 60Cx
    33. Paris Dacre Nerf Tank & Radiator Guards with highway pegs (saved my bacon 20km north of Manic Cinq in Quebec on 389 Nord)
    34. Anti-vibration mirror mounts (I pulled them off when I put on the folding mirrors, and they ARE going straight back on this weekend! I can't see behind me when I accelerate!
    35. Emgo folding dual sport mirrors (slid it off a gravel corner in Quebec and broke both OEM mirrors)
    36. Polisport "Supermoto" fender (left pieces of the OEM one north of Manic Cinq)
    37. Front brake master cylinder replacement cap screws (yes, the OEM Phillips heads will strip, I've seen it on three bikes now)
    38. Eagle Mike footpeg bolt upgrade
    39. PackRat luggage rack (Crash tested and approved!)
    40. Ammo Can Panniers (Too heavy really, see the picture below)

      Manic Cinq remodels my bike. :)
    Rigged out for fun
    Aftermarket suspension really helps with the landings...

    On my 2001 Suzuki Bandit GSF600s (Sold):

    • Dual Star heated grips
    • Corbin Gunfighter and Lady seat
    • 1" Handle bar risers (I find I need these after I installed the Corbin seat, and after riding the KLR)
    • Vista Cruise control
    • Ram mount
    • SW Motech quick release side racks for Givi cases (See above)
    • Aftermarket front turn signals
    • Progressive front springs
    • SAE fused connector for heated jacket and battery tender
    • Assorted zip ties and tape as required

    2007 Hanging off while ramping on the 404

    2006 the Cabot Trail - My first multi day bike tour

    2007 Collecting a deer with a bike can do nasty things

    2011 Now it's a rat bike or as my friends like to say, The "Bambit"

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