2018 The Long Way Home

Commuting on a motorcycle can be a wonderful thing. Take for instance my commute yesterday for example...

Of course it takes a few minutes longer to gear up and get a bike ready to roll for the ride into work, but once on the road you can use it to navigate quickly through traffic and make your way into work. It took me about five minutes to make my way from my apartment building in to the parking lot at work, but almost an hour to get home! In my defense, my story is that I took the wrong bridge home...

Johnstons River PE

The dangers of owning a motorcycle
It was a gorgeous spring day, one of the few we have had this year, and I was itching to be able to ride my bike into work, and today was the day!
When work ended, I simply didn't want to join the row of cars speeding across the Hillsborough River into the city of Charlottetown, then simply park my bike, so instead I headed north up towards Mount Stewart and enjoyed the afternoon weather. 

Pisquid River PE  

Pisquid River  PE

Johnstons River PE
There is still a bunch of sand in the corners, so you can't ride it like you stole it quite yet, but that day is coming, and the weather is looking good for a short day trip of riding, perhaps on Saturday or Sunday. Spring is in the air, and I'm enjoying watching the brown colours turn to green.

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