2016 The Fall...ing down ride

It started off as a great post college ride... and I lost it in the trees. In my defence it was really tight single track on a bike that I'm just beginning to learn how to use, but in this case it got the better of me.

The hill is steeper than it looks, and I was sort of hung up, trying to turn right from a stop and head down and back to hook up with a trail a bit lower down the hill that I'd missed due to fallen trees and crossing the brook at a low spot. I'd let the clutch out and given it a bit too much gas, and down she went, with a quick tuck and roll for the operator. Nothing damaged but my pride. 

I injured nothing but my pride.

Balaclava Road looking North

The colours are just fantastic this time of year.

The obligatory bike shit

I like this one better

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