2014 Dawn to Dusk CMGOnline Rally

The Dawn 2 Dusk 2014 Participants
Canada Moto Guide hosts the Dawn 2 Dusk Rally in Atlantic Canada for bikes of 250cc or less and this year, they made a few concessions and allowed bikes of 500cc or less. Seeing as I was on a 650cc Versys, and there were a number of other "Big Bikes" that tagged along, you will see quite the mix of bikes in the shot above. :)

I was visiting my family from Ontario, and had scheduled my vacation so that I could take part in the Rally for a third time, but I had convinced my nephew Ryan and brother-in-law Kirk that the weather forecast wasn't all that bad, and so we set off from the island for Moncton and our hotel rooms just after 6pm on Friday evening. 

Now that looks like rain just over there... 

I think we're going to miss it!

It looks like they are bound for the island that we just left. 
And this is it for photos for now, as it was wet, we got wet and we still had an hour to go to get into Moncton to the hotel.

Arghhh! The rain dance!
And it rained continuously, or so it seemed until much later that night when we arrived for the evening dinner that Rob had arranged for us at Steve's Diner in Riverside.

"Rain? Clearly you have never ridden a motorcycle in England, Ron."
What is a little rain between friends?

Yes,it is a very damp corner

If my description bored you, then by all means look at their original post here:

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