2013 The North Cape Ride

Thanksgiving weekend arrived, and with it some spectacular weather that had me out on the bike on the Monday to spend a day touring around the North West side of the Island. I'd been saving it up for a special day, and here it was! 

North Cape PE

Summerside is a pinch point on the Island, so of course you have to hit the main roads to get there, and as soon as I got through it, turned North up towards Belmont Provincial Park to take a few pictures, then the intent was to stay on Route 12 as much as possible to get to North Cape, then follow route 14 down and around to Cedar Dunes Provincial Park, then back through Summerside and home.

You need to be alert for farm equipment in this province. Always.

The view from Rattenbury road

I think the fall colours are a week past their peak of the season, but there were still enough left on the trees to make this a splendid fall ride.

PEI has a lot of birch and pine trees, so yellows and oranges predominate, with the odd splash of red to liven things up for you.

The view from Clinton PE

Extreme close up. Once again, I need a better lens

My trusty steed, 2009 Kawasaki Versys 650

So now I needed to head west and a touch south if I was going to get this ride down before sunset, and fall rides tend to be shorter as the available daylight is less, and the temperatures can get down near the zero mark at this time of year. Average is about 7 degrees Celsius, but it's hit 0 and 1 over the weekend as well for overnight temps. Daytime is still about 10 degrees for the most part.

Belmont Provincial Park

Belmont Provincial Park

Belmont Provincial Park

Belmont Provincial Park

Belmont Provincial Park

Belmont Provincial Park

Belmont Provincial Park

The black dot in the water is a Blue Heron

I need a better zoom lens.

I have no clue what they are fishing for. Oysters? Quahoggs? Anyone?

Bud the spud with a full load bound for the storage sheds

The potato harvester in full swing

These are a very common sight around this time of year

Pecan tart with ice cream. It is as good as it looks, better in fact!

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