The Stanley Bridge Ride

The weather doesn't look fantastic for this Thanksgiving long weekend, so we threw together a "Get out there before it's too late" ride to see some of the fall colours.  My sister wendy is getting much more comfortable on her bike and it showed as we enjoyed the twists, turns, and gravel roads that the island has to offer. I have to say that I really enjoy living here, as a challenging ride is no further than the driveway and front lawn. Turn, roost, and apologise for ripping up the lawn then we're off on our ride!

The potato harvest is in full swing, and they're trying to get them into storage in the dry weather, as wet potatoes are far more prone to rot.

New Glasgow looking North along the Clyde River.

My nephew Ryan was very happy to find this trail quite close to home, and I had a blast following it.

Skirting the edge of the farmer's field is the easy bit.

I've seen signs like this in a few places around Crapaud, and even the local grocery store, Harvey's, had free cucumbers on the counter, courtesy of Ivan.

There you have it, the most brilliant tree in the neighbourhood.

Home sweet home. Kirk is responsible for that rip up the lawn, mine will be right beside his. :D

I got my Christmas tree early.

It was a fun little rip around, with some dirt thrown in at the end to cap it off.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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