The trouble with the rear is behind me...

The trouble with the rear is behind me...

DIY tire changes in the driveway.

So I watched this British stunter change his rear tire using this method, and as the Bandit is no great beauty, thought I'd give it a go myself.

A tri-folded bathmat to prevent damage to the rim

I tried this five times before it popped off

On the backside, I had to do it twice, the secret is to rotate  1/8  of a turn

The new tire slipped onto the rim easier than my 17" tubed KLR tire changes. Easy!

There is a caveat here, I need rim protectors if I'm going to play games like this with bike in better condition, as I added minor scratches the rim in a few places. (I hit a deer with this bike in 2007, who is counting nicks and scratches?)

The bead popped in with no trouble at all!

Metzler Roadtec Z8

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