Big Bikes Get Bruised

...In this episode, we pop Steve's offroad cherry, drop all the bikes pictured here with the exception of Dee's cruiser, although we almost had her convinced she could make it past the ditch, but she wised up when Stevey boy nearly binned it in front of her. Oh well, maybe we can get her to mount some knobbies on her Katana. ;)

Okay, so what I didn't bother to tell Steve was that we were meeting Dan at the top of Bunny Hill, our name for a hillside in Holland Landing that is named in honour of a deceased pet rabbit. I headed off the road, got up on my pegs, skirted the mud hole and rode up to the crest in first gear.  And waited for Steve, and waited. Finally I put my kickstand down and walked over to the crest of the hill just in time to see him bump his way to the top and even get a wee bit of a wheel loft as he went off the beaten path and had a little adventure off to one of the sides. :D

The pictures you just saw are his first ever descent into darkness. "Don't touch the front brake." "Keep it in first." "Ride down with the clutch out." "Cover your rear brake." "Keep your eyes up off the ground." were a few of the more helpful things we mentioned, along with "Let me get down there with the camera first!"

He made it in one piece, now it was time to take him over to the track on the other side of the road and see if he was up to crossing the ditch, riding through the dual track mud holes and on to the track itself.

Whoops! Dan has the first wee get off.

He's displaying his dirty paws.
We tried to convince him that he'd get less dirt on his gloves if he twisted the right glove back more often...
I don't think he thought we were in earnest until he got tired of picking up his bike.

Dee comes out to play

That KLR is big and heavy. Look at her feet.

Whoops! Right where I dropped it too! A rut the depth of your axle, almost to your footpegs.

She's off and trying to get that 400lb bike moving...

I turns out the guy pictured here was my neighbour from around the block in Newmarket. 

Dee was taking up a collection.

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  1. Apparently our antics did not go unnoticed:



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