Bike prep is all done and I'm ready to start loading it up. Three days and a wake-up. :)

It's been a bit of a rum go to get the bike ready for the TLH, and thank god KLR's are not perfect or pretty. One person warned me that my newly mounted PD Nerf crash guards were rubbing on the front fairing, and I retorted "You mean those cheap plastic bits that I broke crashing into a cedar tree three (four?!) years ago? Who cares?"

Daniel has a similar outlook and a large rubber mallet that we used to bend the buggers to fit. I just finished doing the front end this morning and have to thank my friend Darlene for picking up my brake pads in New Dundee at Aviciouscycle.ca where my friends Eric and Terry took my phone order, and handed Darlene a grab bag full of goodies. They are now trip sponsors, as I mounted the reflective stickers they sent on the panniers and threw the kickstand plate into my tank bag. ;)

Whoot! Now to load it up and see what is getting left behind. 

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