The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

I lost a friend and colleague this past Sunday in a tragic accident that claimed her life.

Liz Metcalfe

From my tribute to Liz locted on GTAMotorcycle.com:
I'm going to miss you, Liz, I will remember you as that geeky, goofy girl with infectious laughter, a ready smile, pithy comments, and with the strength of ten for your heart was pure.  
As an instructor with Learning Curves she brought years of practical experience to her students, and she did her best to coach students past their faults towards better riding habits. I loved working with her, as she brought positive energy, that smile, and her "Let's get this done and call it fun!" attitude every time she was on the lot. She excelled at coaching, and her loss is felt most acutely by my colleagues and her friends.
Those "media hound" tweets of hers were all over the map, as she had varied interests and tastes. I'll miss those quite a bit.  
She was directly responsible for suggesting a means for enabling Suzi to ride in comfort with me on our tours aboard the KLR. Thanks Liz, Suzi and I will never forget. 
When my number is up I would feel fortunate to be remembered so fondly by half as many friends. You made your mark 
She was the author of more than one blog, Moto-Mojo and Lizard Words. One of my favourite bits of poetry is:
A Minute in the Life of Gerry the Grasshopperhttp://lizardwords.blogspot.com
Liz, So long and thanks for all the fish. 
Your friends, Ron and Suzi.

She was the author of a number of blogs such as  Moto-MoJo  Lizard Words  Media Gleaner and describes herself on her Blogger profile:

Liz Metcalfe

About Me

Liz is a Toronto writer and editor with extensive experience in Web product management. Part of the teams that launched Canada.com, Yahoo.ca and AOL.ca, she has created content and content promotion strategies for almost every major portal in Canada. Known for creative problem-solving combined with solid technical skills, she has been building online audiences for almost two decades. Less well-known is her obsession with poetry and motorcycles. A motorcycle instructor for Learning Curves and a dirt girl wanna-be, over the years her rides have included a Honda CB350 and 450, a Honda Shadow 500, a BMW R75 and a Honda CRF230. She currently owns a Yamaha YZ250F and a Kawasaski ZX7-R that’s had so much plastic surgery it’s been dubbed “Hollywood Baby.”

Goldie and Don did a great job speaking on behalf of the motorcycling community that is reeling in shock at the loss of one "good" ones.

What can I say about the accident speaking as an enthusiast and motorcycle safety course instructor? We can gain experience, achieve skilled control of a machine in good working order, yet still be become involved in a collision due to circumstances beyond our control. At this point we have a decision to continue riding in spite of the inherent risks or to put the bike up for sale. Should the choice be to continue riding, we can limit our risk by ensuring that we remain visible, that we leave a large space cushion, and operate with care and pride.

At the end of the day, let those around you know that you care about them, and program an In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts into your cell phone so that next of kin can be notified promptly.

If you really want to make a difference, I encourage you to take an Emergency or Standard First Aid course with CPR. Check with your local St. John's Ambulance.

Be careful out there, I can't afford to lose a single friend. ;)

I made arrangements to attend the funeral, and a meeting spot at Kahuna cycle was arranged by a friend of mine, James "No E at the end" Bai to meet at 12:30 for a group ride to the funeral home.

Kahuna Cycle 1230


I thought this was a fair sized group.

Raf counted over a hundred bikes (115 counted in the video)

The Southern Cruisers wheeled in as well.

Taken by Michael Kazdan , Southern Cruisers Riding Club, Chapter 383 Toronto Ontario. Friend and Club Member of Liz Metcalfe.Gone too soon.

We stretched from hill to hill and beyond. Liz leading us all.

The Southern cruisers pulling up the rear.

Liz would have enjoyed the roundabouts and twisties.

When the service concluded, we were asked to help fill her grave, something friends and family would do for those they loved, a favour that could never be repaid by the one it was meant for. 

Lizard's Wake.

Elaine celebrates the friendship and life of our friend.

To our friend Liz


Nice jewllery Geoff.

Three great friends.

Gina, you go girl. 

We've cleared the place out, and it's time to bid farewell.

Liz, your friends threw you a ride and party to be proud of, every single person there because they were connected to you in love, friendship and enthusiasm. I was deeply moved to be a part of it, honoured and blessed to have called you my friend.  

Rest in peace while we keep the memories alive.

Elizabeth "Lizard" Metcalfe
1954 - 2011


  1. That was beautiful, Ron.

  2. Thank you for this Article.

    This Is Lizs Son Shawn

  3. A great tribute to a great friend and colleague. I too am still missing her. I find myself wondering, "Hey I wonder what Liz thinks about ." At first that saddened me but then I realized how wonderful it was to know her and to chat with her ... a real blessing.


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